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Become A Marshal

Our marshals are the driving force behind our team and help create amazing life-changing opportunities. What I love about the marshals is their enthusiasm and willingness to get stuck into whatever crazy stages we create and then still have the energy to be the first onto the dance floor at the end of the event.

Clayton PayneCEO

The Role

A marshal’s role is fun, varied and an essential one, which the success of the event very much depends upon being done professionally.  You will be working as part of a small team, led by a Stage Manager with considerable knowledge, who will be responsible for looking after you throughout the event.  Your Stage Manager will allocate and advise you on the work and roles you will undertake, which can be quite diverse.  During the week you will have a lot of contact with the participating teams and as such, importantly, you will be our eyes and ears on each of the 7 stages that the event will be run over.

We cannot tell you in advance exactly what you will be doing at any one point, but what we can promise is that you’ll be working with a great team of people in some stunning locations and that you will be able to let your hair down at the legendary party at the end of the event.  So make sure you pack your dancing shoes!


I have been a marshal for 10 years now. I love being able to visit new places as a marshal and the locations for stages are wonderful. It’s really exciting being part of such a great event with a wonderful team. The party at the end is always a great way to celebrate the hard work over the last few days.

Nicola Cockburn

I was a mature student at University of South Wales and answered an advertisement for event marshals. I thought it would be a good way to meet new people and have fun at the same time.
What I didn’t expect was the amazing positive environment, positive driven competitors and the lifelong friends I have made. Oh and the great end of event parties. I absolutely love being part of the UK/Euro Challenge.

Wendy Cross

For me it wasn’t the sitting around and arranging stages, but the energy from the participants which was most enjoyable. There’s a community vibe hovering over the entire event, amongst participants, amongst marshals and stage managers and between both groups as well. It sparks joy to see everybody do their utmost to get the best result out of this event. And it definitely motivated me to join again next year!

Ralph de Roo

I had an amazing time; it was my 1st experience with everyone and was made to feel like part of the Marshall family. I danced, sang all weekend and was fantastic to meet all the teams that were taking part on my stations.

Chrissi Cherry

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