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Corporate Training

As organisers of the Euro Challenge, Marco Polo Events have an extensive history of creating high-performance teams through providing physical and cognitive challenges designed to challenge every aspect of teamwork and leadership.

Our bespoke Corporate Training Events will provide a safe environment for participants to explore the limits of their potential, and to develop self-awareness and the soft-skills required to excel within any professional environment.

Corporate Leadership Training

Under the supervision of highly qualified training staff, including senior SAS training personnel and mountain rescue, our tailor-made packages are designed to to take participants to their limits and provide a truly bespoke opportunity to explore individual strengths.

No matter how strong your skillset, you can’t do it all on your own. You have to work together and rely on one another to find solutions, which really reinforces the importance of teamwork.

Everyone is on a level playing field and you can see people’s character shine through.

It was like being in another world, and an incredible opportunity to experience such a physical and cognitive challenge from an entirely different perspective.

Corporate Team Training

Designed to develop the skills and characteristics essential in high-performance teams, our Corporate Team Training Events cater for all companies large or small.

Our Team Training Events are tailor-made to fit each company’s needs. Following an in-depth discussion about your KPI’s and desired outcomes, we produce a bespoke design, drawing upon the tried and tested Euro Challenge formula. The resulting events are proven to  engage and challenge all individuals involved, regardless of previous skill and ability.

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