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UK Challenge Team Building Is Proven To…

Improve Performance

UK Challenge competitors regularly describe our event as a life changing experience. Participants find that morale has increased, there is a feeling of unity among colleagues, self-awareness has been enhanced, strengths and weaknesses have been addressed and “Super Performance” teams have been created in the workplace.

Enhance Employee Wellbeing

Employees are the greatest assets of an organisation, therefore supporting the well-being of employees should be a key objective for any employer. The UK Challenge offers a unique opportunity to encourage a balanced and healthy lifestyle, while supporting the development of essential psychological and social skills important for maintaining mental and physical well-being.

Provide Networking Opportunities

The UK Challenge provides a unique opportunity to meet, collaborate, and integrate with people that normally wouldn’t be possible. Networking opportunities abound within a single organisation, across a sector, or with allied industries. All participants can expect to build new relationships and strengthen previously existing ones.



One of the best things I’ve done through work. It’s really well organised from a logistics and operations point of view and ran very well, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Jason BartonAdidas

You have to do it – I love it! It’s absolutely the best thing to do because it is so, so effective at building teams. It meets our mission so perfectly, it’s brilliant

Robin SibsonMount Cook

It quickly became clear that we had to work better as a team – better communication, better time management, better preparation, setting realistic goals and making sure everyone was involved. I would like to think that all my team members took away these valuable aspects back into the work place. We are looking forward to the 2020 event.

Andy Etherington59 Club

UK Challenge gives employees the opportunity to face challenges together and develop as a team. It’s not just a fabulous experience during the event itself, but also a benefit to our organization as a whole as it helps foster teamwork and energy in the business.

Kieron LewisClinigen

It’s the best three days I’ve ever had in my life. Colleagues become friends at the end of this and ultimately, it’s a real pleasure and I look forward to coming back next year.

Mike GittinsCGI

It’s a little microcosm of business so that’s why we love doing it. We take all the learning from here and put it back into our organization so it’s more than just the three teams you see here, it’s 20 or 30 teams back in AWE who do this as well.

Martin GilmoreAWE

I passed a landmark birthday this year, but the clever design of the event means that people of all ages and all abilities can be competitive, which is very rare in sport these days. Every member of the team brings different skills, attributes, and abilities which all add up to a team performance greater than the sum of the individual parts. A very valuable demonstration for the business world as well.

Richard HardyBRE

You benefit as an individual because you develop and learn about yourself but not only that, you make a very good close group of friends as well and you bring that teamwork back into the office – it really does work.

Andy RobsonPWC

The UK Challenge is completely unique, not only is there no other event anything like it, but even from year to year the course, the challenges, the experience and the learnings are totally new. It’s this ongoing challenge and inability to ever anticipate what’s coming next which have kept me wanting to return year after year after year!

Leo MuidAccenture

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