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Marco Polo Events

Stage 1 –

Journey to mars

Stage Details

On 8th August at 00:00, the Marco Polo Events rocket will set off from earth on it’s journey to Mars. Teams will have 3 weeks to contribute as much fuel as possible to the rocket fuel tank. The more fuel provided (scored as an average per teammate) the higher the team’s score.

Fuel is generated in two ways:

  • Through logged physical activity
  • Through correctly solving ‘Space Quests’ (puzzles)

Physical Activity:

After doing physical activity, a team member can log their effort on the Reg.Resport site. To do this, they must follow their unique link sent to them via email when they registered for the event.

The activity an individual completes will then be automatically converted into rocket fuel and added to their team’s total with the following rate:

  • Walking and Running are worth 8 litres per KM
  • Cycling is worth 2 litres per KM
  • Rowing is worth 9 litres per KM
  • Kayaking is worth 23 litres per KM
  • Swimming is worth 40 litres per KM
  • Recumbent Bike is worth 3 litres per KM
  • Wheelchair and Arm-Bike are worth 7 litres per KM

Space Quests:

Space Quests will be revealed every two days. These quests will be emailed to teams directly and must be answered on our CGI Bounceback Challenge quest portal.

The link to this portal and an ID code (unique to each team) will be sent to teams directly.

Correctly answering each quest on the first attempt will score a full fuel boost for that question. If your team is successful on the second attempt, you will receive 50% of the available reward.

BE WARNED: after a second failed attempt, teams will not have further opportunities to complete that specific quest.



A teams score will be determined by their average total fuel production per teammate.

Team scores and positions will be updated at 12:00 daily and presented via our “Challenge Progress” page.

Teams will be split into 4 leagues based upon their overall score. The league and overall team finishing position upon reaching Mars, will influence bonuses available for Stage 2!