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CGI Bounceback Challenge

Life on Mars?

Challenge START: 8th August, 00:00

Is there life on Mars? The question has bugged scientists and inspired artists over the ages. And during Lockdown, it got euro Challenge thinking: our smart and active community are the right people to answer the question once and for all.  So the Marco Polo Events Science Division, with the support of CGI, have formulated a new, ‘super-fuel’ that enables space rockets to travel at an unprecedented speed. The secret ingredient? Teamwork. That is why we are calling on everyone to come together on a mission to help us bounceback from a difficult time on Earth and race to discover Life on Mars. We have scheduled for the rocket launch at 00:00 on August 8th. All we need now are teams (between 4 – 8 people) to come on board and help us travel to Mars and compete to discover life on the Martian surface.
Are you up for the challenge? 
Are you up for the challenge? 
The rocket will take three weeks to reach Mars, and teams can help by providing us with our new rocket fuel which is made by participants completing exercise; either walking, running, cycling, swimming, kayaking or rowing.
Walking and Running are worth 8 litres per KM; Cycling is worth 2 litres per KM; Kayaking is worth 23 litres per KM; Rowing is worth 9 litres per KM; Swimming is worth 40 litres per KM; Wheelchair and Arm Bike are worth 7 litres per KM; and Recumbent Bike is worth 3 litres per KM. The Reg.Sport platform, which can connect to Strava, will automatically convert your exercise into Rocket Fuel litres. (more on this in a bit)
Every two days of the ‘Journey to Mars’, we will also be releasing a puzzle. If a team successfully solves a puzzle, the team earns a rocket fuel ‘boost’ that goes towards their ‘team total’. 
Teams that perform well and rank a high ‘average litres per teammate’ score by the time we reach Mars, will have an advantage in Stage 2: ‘Is There Life?’.

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In Stage 2 you must solve the puzzle awaiting you about the truth of “Life on Mars”.
Select a route for your Rover, provide power to support your journey, and race to uncover the ultimate secret…
Stage 2 Details
‘Register a Team’ Walkthrough:
  1. Follow this link:
  2. Select ‘Life on Mars? (Register a team)’ option in the Quests.
  3. Complete form ‘Participant / Team Captain’
  4. Click ‘Complete Entry’ button
  5. Enter your initials and check the ‘I agree’ option to sign the waivers and other agreements.
  6. Click ‘Complete entry
You will now receive two emails:


1) Captain Instructions: Life on Mars (Teams)
This email contains a unique link to your captain’s page. Here you can see individual teammates efforts and also your teams standing and progress compared to other teams. Keep the link safe so you can access it when the challenge starts!
2) You have registered a team! – CGI Bounceback Challenge: Life on Mars?
You must now register yourself as a member of the team you have created. Follow the link sent to you in this email, and then complete these steps:
1.  Follow the link at the end of this email.
2. Refer to the ‘Sign-up to a team’ Walkthrough on this page.
3. Forward the sign-up link from the email to people you want to join your team. (Teams are 4 – 8 people)
‘Sign-up to a team’ Walkthrough: 
  1. Follow this link:
  2. Select ‘Life on Mars? (Sign-up)’ option in the Quests.
  3. Complete form ‘Participant / Team Captain’ – including the name of the team you wish to join
  4. Click ‘Complete Entry’ button
  5. Enter your initials and check the ‘I agree’ option to sign the waivers and other agreements.
  6. Click ‘Complete entry’
You will now receive two emails:
  1. ‘Welcome to CGI Bounceback Challenge’: an email to confirm you are signed up and ready to go. Will you be using Strava? Feel free to join the Euro Challenge Strava group!
  1. Teammate Instructions: Life on Mars? (Individuals): This email contains an important link to where you log exercise. Using the link, you can upload exercise and also access the leaderboards and check out how your team are doing compared to other teams.

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How to log exercise and raise rocket fuel? Walkthrough:
  • Follow your unique link shared in the ‘Teammate Instructions: Life on Mars? (Individuals)’ email.
  • If you wish, connect your account to Strava using the ‘Connect to Strava’ button
  • Select ‘New log entry’
  • If you have connected Strava, select ‘Strava entry’ and choose the activity you wish to upload
  • ‘Strava Activity’ overrides any information you could put in the manual sections
  • If you wish to enter manually, fill in the details. Honesty is the best policy as this data may be challenged!
  • Select ‘Save’. Distance will appear on the Reg.Resport leaderboards and on the Progress page at 12:00 each day.
As with all Euro Challenge events, we hope this is a great opportunity for teams to support our fantastic charity partner – the Invictus Games Foundation