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UKC Bounceback Workout Jargon

Jargon Page

AMRAP (As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible) – Complete as many rounds as possible within the set time component.

BN (Behind The Neck) – This is where the movement comes behind the neck rather than the usual standard. Examples are ‘BN pull ups’, press and thrusters.

BW (Bodyweight) – the movement is performed at the athletes body weight.

CA (Close arm – Eg. Close arm press up) – where the movement requires the athlete to bring the arms close to the side.

EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) – Complete the prescribed amount of reps at the start of each minute and repeat this process for the duration of the EMOM.

Eg. 15 minute EMOM of 3 X BSQ means the athlete completes 3 back squats every 60 seconds for 15 mins.

EOM (Every Other Minute) – Complete the prescribed reps at the start of every second minute.


10 Min EOM:

5 x Pull Ups (odd)

10 x Burpees (even)

This means you perform 5 pull ups on minute 1…rest for the remainder of that minute. At the start of minute 2, perform 10 burpees. At the start of minute 3, go back to performing pull ups repeat this sequence until workout is complete.

FOR TIME – Complete the workout as fast as possible whilst maintaining form (best effort, score = time to complete WoD).

HSPU (Hand Stand Press Up)

K2C (Knees to Chest)

K2E (Knees to Elbows)

MOBILITY – Time taken on flexibility and stretching both static and dynamic.

OH (Overhead) – for example OH Squat , OH Lunge

where the movement is performed with the weight above the head.

PR (Personal record) – The athletes best performance in that movement or workout.

RM (Repetition Maximum) – often written with a number to refer to the number of reps eg 1 RM is a one rep max (maximum weight lifted 1 time)

RX – When the athlete performs the workout at the PRESCRIBED weight/ skill set. You may also see RX+ which means the athlete adds weight or reps over the prescribed amount.

SCALED – A scaled workout has alternative movements that usually offer an easier option but still target the same muscle groups. Eg. Ring Rows are a scaled option for Pull Ups.

TABATA – 8 Rounds, each round consists of 20 seconds work with 10 seconds rest. 4 minutes in total.

WOD (Workout of the day) – the prescribed workout that will be performed on that day.


** Non essential info but good to know when referring to ‘WoDs’ **

There are also set ‘Benchmark’ WoDs and ‘Hero’ Wods that are universal within the CrossFit community. These are split into groups such as “The Girls” (Nancy,Fran etc) which are benchmark workouts created by CrossFit HQ to serve as fitness assessments testing certain domains and “Hero WoDs” (DT, Murph etc) which have been created to honour fallen servicemen. These are always very challenging workouts!


Rep and Set structure

5×3 First number = number of sets required. Second number = number of reps required per set. When we see the set and rep structure split by an ‘X’ this means that the weight remains the same in each set (non progressive). Eg 5×3 = 5 sets of 3 reps at 100kg.

3-3-3-3-3 When we see the sets split by a dash this means that the weight is progressive after each set, for example set 1= 3 reps of 50kg, set 2 = 3 reps at 55kg and so on.